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Funny Friday

6 Exercises You Need to Do If You Sit All Day

Stretch and strengthen where you need it most. It’s no surprise that sitting in a chair all day is rough on our bodies. While making time to exercise may not totally negate the effects of sitting for hours on end, it can certainly help. Some research suggests that 60 to 75 minutes of moderately intense physical activity a […]

Smart ways to use your tax refund

While it’s exciting to have extra cash in your wallet, it can be tempting to spend your tax refund all in one place. Explore these options on how to use your money (no matter how much or how little)—and how you can stretch it a lot further. What to do with your tax refund 9 […]

VCU Discounts and DHRM Discounts and other programs

VCU employees have access to VCU specific discounts and state discounts. You can find the VCU discounts at: Below is some information for state employees (VCU): Financial Wellness Program – April 2023Strategies to Thrive in 2023 Dear State Employees:The Employee Financial Wellness Program continues to provide resources to help you achieve financial independence as […]

Motivational Monday

Funny Friday

Go Outside for some Eco-Therapy!

Sometimes just walking outside is re-energizing – just the right change to refuel yourself! Go outside, it is good for you!

3 Ways to Help Your Body and Mind Release Stress

Dear Mindful Readers, Here at Mindful, we were straining to find the right words to say about Stress Awareness Month. It doesn’t exactly sound right to say “Let’s celebrate Stress Awareness Month,” or “Happy Stress Month!” So, we finally arrived at: Stress less this month! Let that be your motto for April, and how about […]

25 Healthy Food Swaps to Boost Your Daily Focus and Energy

Whether you’ve got a serious sweet tooth or you’re a pasta-holic, we’ve got you covered. Every time we eat, we make choices — whether we think about them or not. And being a little more thoughtful about the ingredients we choose can make a big difference for our physical, mental, and cognitive health.  So try […]

Motivation Monday

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