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Upcoming virtual well-being programs

_______________________________________________________________Below is the current virtual well-being programs schedule. Sessions are constantly being added so keep an eye on the RamStrong and HR Work*Life*Well-Being webpages or in Talent@VCU Wednesday, May 6 – 12 pm to 12:30 pm Yoga with Sydney (Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports) Take a break from your work day to […]

12 Common Thinking Patterns That are Keeping You Stuck

The key to working smarter and improving your well-being starts with noticing the mind traps that are getting in your way. By Bryan Robinson, Ph.D., Psychotherapist in Private Practice and Author of 40 books. You can see how easy it is to get swept away by addictive thinking patterns that distort your work pace and habits. […]

How to Boost Your Well-Being Like an Optimist, Even if You’re Not One

It’s not about seeking happiness, it’s about seeking meaning. By Elaine Lipworth, Content Writer at Thrive Global The anxiety, grief, and profound loss so many people are experiencing during the pandemic can’t be underestimated. COVID-19 is traumatizing — it can be difficult to keep our spirits up or find joy amidst so much pain. “At a time of crisis […]

Monday’s Motivational Tip – Use Creativity to Calm Your Mind

Did you know that engaging in creative activities, such as coloring, drawing, dancing, and singing, can help you reduce stress and anxiety?  Studies show that expressing your creativity can help increase positive emotions, reduce the likelihood of depression, and promote healing. One popular trend we love is drawing and coloring complex designs, which not only get […]

How Listening to Music Can Lower Stress and Lift Our Spirits

What we can learn from ancient philosophy and science about the healing power of music and how it can help us right now. By Elaine Lipworth, Content Writer at Thrive Global Since ancient times, music has been used to improve our health and mental well-being. The Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras had a firm belief in the healing power of […]

Can Walking in Place Help You Lose Weight?

 BY MARC LINDSAY Walking is an easy way to add more movement to your life and help you shed pounds. In general, walking at a brisk pace burns around 260 calories (for someone who weighs 150 pounds or 68 kilograms). However, some days can be harder than others to get outdoors or hit the treadmill for an hour-long workout. Just because you have a hard time […]

Here’s How to Maintain Friendships While Social Distancing

Staying connected is essential to your well-being By Danielle Sinay, Writer at Thrive Global Millions of people are practicing social distancing during the coronavirus: They’re stuck in quarantine indefinitely, not leaving their homes except when absolutely necessary. It’s important to remember that as strange as it may feel, everyone who’s able to quarantine should — since it can save lives and help stop the […]

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