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Have fun and take care of yourself!

We want to encourage some self-care and activities that boost mood, can be fun, and help you see a positive side to mental health. Enjoy! Ideas for positive mental health activities Practice self-care with Aromatherapy – pleasant fragrances have the ability to reduce stress ad promote healthy sleep and relaxation. Try an aromatherapy bath or […]

July’s Well-Being Sessions

July 2021 – Employee Well-Being Programs All programs are virtual – Register in Talent to receive webinar links ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wednesday, July 7th – 1 pm Money at Work (Presented by VCU HR and TIAA) Help make sure your retirement is ready when you are. Find out how much you should be saving and discover different […]

Motivational Monday

Funny Friday

5 Simple Heart-Healthy Energy Boosters

Five simple ways to boost your energy levels. Want more energy? Who doesn’t? We’d all like to be able to do more and feel better doing it. Fast-fix energy drinks aren’t the answer, despite what TV ads tell you. The key to boosting energy is making healthy, lasting lifestyle changes. Here’s a quick rundown on […]

Make time for you

When it comes to achieving your wellness goals, the way you think matters. Here are some tips from WW to help you reduce stress. Discover WW’s (Weight Watchers Reimagined) holistic approach to wellness All employees, spouses, and adult dependents get an exclusive discount of 50% off the retail price and can join now for as […]

Stay Active Every Week by Walking a Monday Mile and International Day of Yoga

It may seem like a leisurely activity, but walking is most definitely a workout. Moving at a brisk pace—whether it’s around the neighborhood, through the park, or up-and-down city streets—can help improve endurance, heart health, bone strength, flexibility, and weight management. And since it’s a low-impact exercise, walking is an excellent option for people of […]

Funny Friday

Unwind with the 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Technique

Stress and anxiety are often the biggest obstacles when it comes to important moments in our lives. While situations such as receiving a promotion at work, taking final exams, going on a flight, and performing in a sports competition can be exciting and positive experiences, without proper stress management, the fear of failure and need […]

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