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Memorial Day

Funny Friday

Should You Get Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card Laminated?

Tips for safeguarding the paper record of your coronavirus vaccination Congratulations, you’ve been inoculated against the coronavirus — and you have an official COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to prove it. You should keep the card, which bears your name, date of birth, vaccine type and vaccination date, in a safe place. You may need it […]

5 Mantras for a Happier, Calmer, More Confident You

These powerful slogans can help you reprogram your brain think more positively. By Rosie McCall Can one simple phrase actually make a difference in your life? According to Sherianna Boyle, the answer is most definitely yes. She is the author of Mantras Made Easy, a collection of chants and slogans meant to help people tap into […]

Motivation Monday

Funny Friday

Rebuild your Baseline Routine

Routines help build resilience. Watch the video by clicking the play button above to see if your routine could use a renovation.

20 Habits That Make it Easier to Kick Toxic Negativity Out of Your Life

Power of PositivityMarch 07, 2021 Is toxic negativity ruining your life? Do you wish that you could be more positive and happier? Does every day seem to be worse than the one before? Does this sound like your life? It’s time to make some drastic changes to improve your outlook. Being constantly negative can eat […]

Good News: Your Brain Will Adapt to Post-COVID Life

We may be headed for reverse culture shock when we re-enter society. But just as our brains worked to adjust to our current state of life, they must go through the same process to adjust to post-COVID reality. By Laura Fitch April 15, 2021 COVID Resources After lockdowns throughout the darkest months of winter, there […]

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