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Mental Health in a Time of Pandemic

An expert weighs in on the psychological effects of an outbreak, and the steps we can take to prioritize our well-being. By Dr. Sandro Galea The ongoing Covid-19 outbreak is in many ways unprecedented, in both the scale of this challenge, the scale of public health response, and the historical context in which all this is unfolding. […]

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7 Simple Ways I Stay Focused When Working From Home

The right mindset and these tips will make all the difference.   By Elaine Lipworth, Content Writer at Thrive Global As a writer for Thrive, working from home, rather than in a supportive office environment, can sometimes be challenging. Staying focused on the job and being productive takes discipline. Remaining enthusiastic without the moral support of your team to […]

Simple Steps You Can Take to Boost Your Immune System on a Daily Basis

Washing our hands is important, but it’s also vital that we commit to building additional preventive healthy habits. By Marina Khidekel, Head of Content Development at Thrive Global We need to expand the conversation about coronavirus to include a crucial aspect of health: proactively strengthening our immune system. “This is one of the best things we can do to protect […]

8 Bad Habits That Kill Your Metabolism

You may already suspect your metabolism slows as you age. According to research published in the Public Health Nutrition journal, you’re right. In a review of data on energy expenditure, researchers found simply getting older is associated with progressive declines in basal metabolic rate. On top of that, there are many daily habits that can […]

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The Surprising Way to Resist the Lure of Junk Food

Just about everyone has ordered a side of fries after catching an intoxicating whiff. But new research, which was published in the Journal of Marketing Research, says that basking in the scent of junk food for at least two minutes can actually help you make healthier food choices. In a series of experiments, the researchers found a surprising […]

Exercise Is Great. But Even Light Activities Like Walking and Housework Can Improve Your Health

For many, the phrase physical activity conjures sweaty runs or power-lifting sessions at the gym. But the latest federal guidelines support a much broader — and ultimately less intimidating — definition of what it means to be active: one that includes less obvious pursuits like taking the stairs, raking leaves and even bird-watching. This subtle shift in messaging may […]

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