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Happy Tuesday!

Benefits of Journaling and taking care of yourself!

Taking time for self-reflection helps us grow and strengthens our brains. Dust off your favorite journal and write down the highs, lows, and moments of hope from your day today. You can even take it a step further and write tomorrow’s date on the next page and keep the journal going. You’ll be amazed at how much […]

May Employee Well-Being Programs

May is Stroke Awareness Month. Join us on May 9th to learn about stroke prevention! We have a lot of great work/life sessions coming up! Please see below for the May schedule! Open to all VCU employees at no cost.  All programs begin at 12 noon. Details and registration at or or […]

Do activity trackers help with weight loss?

Activity trackers, often worn on the wrist or waist, are designed to encourage more movement throughout the day. And people who wear them do seem to be more physically active. However, these people don’t necessarily lose more weight than others. A group of scientists designed a study to test if activity trackers are helpful for […]

20 Foods That Have More Protein Than Eggs

Protein is an essential component of any balanced diet. Protein helps muscles recover after workouts. It works to prevent osteoporosis and similar conditions. It provides overall feelings of fullness, which in turn lead to better concentration, positive thinking, and energy. Eggs are one of the most popular sources of protein, and they have about six […]

2019 VCU HR Benefits & Wellness Fair – Mark your calendar!

2019 VCU HR Benefits & Wellness Fair Learn about benefits and wellness resources that make VCU a Great Place to work!  Location: University Student Commons, Commonwealth Ballroom Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019 Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Transportation: VCU employees may use their VCU/GRTC GO Pass to ride the GRTC Pulse busor utilize RamRide, the shuttle service for faculty, staff and students. […]

Motivational Monday!

Join us for chair yoga this week! We will meet at 12 noon in the Church Hill Room of Larrick Center on the MCV Campus! Hope to see you there! Register here!    

6 Pillars of Brain Health

What’s one thing we all need to be doing more of? Spending time outside and getting fresh air. Hear us out….Did you know that the scent of pine trees actually decreases stress and increases relaxation? We’re not talking about that soy candle in your bathroom. We’re talking about the actual outdoors. Trees, grass, ocean, and […]

Hummingbirds are back!

I love Spring and seeing all the birds return from their vacations down south! One of my favorite, the Hummingbird, is back. Here are some Hummingbird Feeding hints: Put feeders up by mid-March to attract early migrants–a week or two later in the northern U.S. and Canada, a week or two earlier along the Gulf […]

Science-Backed Reasons to Read a Real Old-Fashioned, Printed Book

Who’s your all-time favorite bookworm? Some might say Hermione Granger, Maya Angelou, or even Oprah. But why not you? That’s right. Why not you? It’s no secret that spending time lost in a book does wonders for your noggin. Reading strengthens brain health and allows you to relax in a way nothing else does – all […]

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