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Meaningful Habits and Life Lessons We’re Learning From This Time

From a revised morning routine to a newfound love for at-home workouts, there are some unexpected upsides we can take away from this global crisis. By Marina Khidekel, Head of Content Development at Thrive Global Amidst all the disruption that we’ve experienced from the COVID-19 pandemic, this time has also offered us small silver linings and insights and habits […]

Healthy Eating Starts with Cooking for Life

How a medical student and a middle schooler are learning new ways to look at food and well-being By Melinda Ring Payton, a Chicago middle-schooler, lives with her single mom, Cynthia, a sanitation worker whose strenuous work exacerbates her arthritis. Their neighborhood is dominated by fast food and convenience stores that offer few healthy options for […]

25+ Memorial Day Quotes to Honor Our Nation’s Soldiers

Thoughtful words to remember those who have fallen in the line of duty. BY LEAH SILVERMAN APR 24, 2020 On Monday, May 25th Americans across the country will remember the brave men and women who gave their lives for our country. Whether you plan to observe the holiday with a parade, a service, or a moment of […]

Friday’s Funny!

Mindfulness can be our secret weapon against Coronavirus Stress……and VCU HR and Rec Sports are helping you learn how to stay in the moment!

It’s easy to catastrophize, but taking inspiration from Stoic philosophy can lower our anxiety and fear. By Elaine Lipworth, Content Writer at Thrive Global With the heightened stress we’re all experiencing around coronavirus, it’s tempting to let our minds race forward and envision worst-case scenarios.  But the practice of mindfulness — immersing ourselves in whatever activity we’re engaged in, rather […]

Time to workout!

VCU Recreational Sports is offering many virtual programs! Check them out and sign up today!

Learn about WW and how it has impacted one employee’s well-being!

Taking care of your health is as important as ever. The Commonwealth of Virginia employees enrolled in a state health plan are eligible for WW discounted pricing and a 50% subsidy. Employees not enrolled in a state health plan, spouses, and adult dependents are eligible for WW discounted pricing only. Sign up today! NEW! WW […]

Today’s Laugh

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