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National Backward Day!

YAD DRAWKCAB LANOITAN .yad doog a si sihT January 31st honors everything backward.  National Backward Day is an opportunity to reverse our ways, our direction or simply our shirt.  Dessert for breakfast, perhaps? There are many ways to celebrate this fun day, so just let your imagination be your guide. This day is very popular with school-aged […]

How to chill

Daily deep breathing and/or meditation allows the brain and the heart to achieve a relaxation response, which is restorative for the entire body.  It’s very important to self-regulate your blood pressure by taking a few minutes throughout your hectic day to close your eyes and just breathe.  One exercise is to count down from 10, […]

Practicing Gratitude

How can you practice gratitude? Feeling grateful isn’t always easy, especially when life throws challenges your way. Try these tips the next time you want to appreciate the people, events, or experiences that are most important to you.  Spend a few minutes at the end of each day and think about, or even write down, what […]

Monday Motivation


Healthy Aging can benefit everyone!

Adopting healthy habits and behaviors, staying involved in your community, using preventive services, managing health conditions, and understanding all your medications can contribute to a productive and meaningful life. Join VCU HR Work/Life for a session on Healthy Aging presented by Dr. Ayn Welleford, Associate Professor & Gerontologist for Community Voice, this Wednesday, January 30th […]

Tired of the cold weather? It may actually help you stay healthy!

Enjoy some fresh (cold) air.  Forget the old wives’ tale about catching a cold from the cold.  Spending time outdoors in the winter can actually help you stay healthy. When we’re cooped up inside, we breathe the same recycled air over and over, and it could be filled with germs and bacteria.  So, enjoy this […]

Are you financially healthy?

Financial wellness impacts our relationship with money and how we manage resources. Making informed decisions, living within your means, setting realistic goals and preparing for emergencies is how we become financially fit. VCU offers a variety of resources to help you meet your financial goals. Join Human Resources and Virginia Credit Union in this workshop, […]

Thoughtfulness Tuesday

Be somebody, who makes everybody feel like a somebody!

Chair Yoga

Every month VCU offers free chair yoga to employees, on both campuses.  Please see the training website to view available classes and sign up. If you can’t make a class, or just need a quick stretch, please click on the chair  yoga videos located on the Ramstrong website.  Below is a description of each video. Chair Yoga is a […]

Dimensions of Wellness

Did you know………… There are eight dimensions of wellness to lead you towards a more balanced life.  They are Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, Financial Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Occupational Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Social Wellness and Spiritual Wellness.  For more information, have a look at the Ramstrong website. Also, did you know………that VCU HR offers well-being sessions […]

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