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July Well-Being Programs

VCU HR – we support your total well-being! Please see July’s schedule below with lots of great workshops! All programs will be virtual! Sign up now in Talent. If you are unable to access Talent, please email Cindi Phares at Wednesday, July 8 – 12 noon Mat Pilates with Sydney (Presented by VCU HR […]

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Take 5 for Performance and Personal Well-Being

By Annemarie Spadafore, June 18, 2020 We don’t have the natural boundaries and endpoints created by our morning and afternoon commutes. It’s tempting to stay in front of the computer much more right now as there is so much to do and we want to demonstrate our value. However, this is counter-intuitive to support our […]

Zoom Exhaustion is Real. Here Are Six Ways to Find Balance and Stay Connected

Steven Hickman, Psy.D., executive director of the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, offers this timely perspective on managing our new virtual reality. BY STEVE HICKMAN, APRIL 6, 2020, WELL-BEING I’ve been teaching mindfulness and compassion for about twenty years now, and I believe I thrive when I’m sitting with a group of people open to exploring this […]

Life after lockdown should start with this healthy to-do list

By American Heart Association News COVID-19 lockdowns are easing across the U.S., but is it safe to go back to the gym? Or the doctor? And when it is safe, what should be on your post-lockdown health checklist? As you prioritize your health to-do list, be aware of coronavirus rates in your area, your personal […]

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How to Keep Stress From Driving You to Overeat

Try these expert-approved strategies to redirect those stressed-out emotions. By Amanda Gardner Updated June 03, 2020 When you’re stressed, eating can seem like just the thing to quell your emotions—whether you’re feeling boredom, loneliness, depression, or even anxiety. Problem is, stress eating is hard to stop, and that can lead to overeating. If you’re trying […]

How Your Brain Creates Your Sense of Self

Our powerful brains allow us to imagine and evaluate different scenarios in the past and future. But when we shift our attention to the present, our minds can quiet down. BY RICK HANSON, MAY 27, 2020, DAILY PRACTICES Some years ago one of my neighbors worked in the film industry doing special effects. He showed me […]

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