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Stay Healthy with Your Family this Monday

Wellness is a family affair. The more parents encourage and promote healthy habits within the household, the more likely children are to adopt those behaviors later in life. That being said, kids are not always so inclined to follow new routines, especially when those routines mean more unfamiliar foods, moments of quiet, or exercising. It’s […]

7 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude in Your Everyday Life

The secret to happiness lies in being grateful. Follow these expert tips to learn how to practice gratitude every day. Grateful people are happy people. This was one of the top findings of the Harvard Adult Development Study, the longest-running study on happiness and health in the world, spanning 100 years and two generations of […]

Eat Smart on a Budget

How to Budget for Feeding Your Family Budgeting for meals is an extremely important part of managing a household. But how do you know what a good amount is for your family? There are a few shortcuts to help you set a food budget that meets the MyPlate recommendations, evaluate the cost of recipes, and […]

Motivational Monday

Funny Friday

Restart your journey this spring 

Learn more about joining Weight Watchers here.

Small pups, big trouble

Even baby pets can get into grown-up-sized trouble, as Belle discovered when she squeezed through a gate to greet an unfriendly buck in her yard. Luckily, Belle had pet insurance to cover her eligible veterinary expenses, so when the bill came in, the buck stopped with Nationwide. Tips for welcoming home a new family member: […]

Eat Smart, Move More

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