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Funny Friday

Gratitude can cut stress, boost health

We all could use a little more positivity and encouragement, especially when starting something new. Below are quick and easy ways you can jump-start your journey to becoming Healthy for Good. Don’t forget to post your progress on social media so we can cheer you on! Kick off the day by writing down a hobby […]

The daily habits of happiness experts

Happiness is a lifelong pursuit—but it’s always top of mind at the start of a new year. As part of our Happiness Revival Guide, we surveyed 18 leading happiness experts about their daily habits, how they cope with bad times, and more. Their responses revealed strategies we can all use to boost our spirits. Some of […]

How Gratitude Can Help Your Health

Gratitude is more than a buzzword. It’s a habit and practice that may actually change your perception of well-being. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic, all the changes it has brought to your life and everything you need to worry about to stay safe? Or do you sometimes feel like you just can’t […]

Motivation Monday

Funny Friday

4 Tips for Giving – and Receiving – Feedback at Work

When we reframe how we think about feedback, we’re better able to grow and evolve. It’s always a good feeling to receive praise at work, but the truth is, we all also have areas of our work and our communication that could be improved. It can be difficult to give that feedback — and just as hard […]

How Our Small Habits Can Make Us Happier Beings

Your repeated actions can expand your mindset about your ability to change. Each time you experience yourself behaving as the type of person you want to be, you reassure and reinforce that identity formation.  [… This] lays down the crux of what we call “self-perception theory,” first posited by Dr. Daryl Bem. The basic idea […]

Take Life One Thing At a Time

Think back to the last hour or so of your day. How many things were you doing, or attempting to do? Our “need for speed” comes from all kinds of motivations: striving to perform at work and in school, seeing to the needs of our families, getting from where we are to where we need […]

Motivation Monday

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