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The Thrive Guide to Setting (and Sticking to Your) Boundaries

Updated post – apologies that the earlier post had issues with the image – . Here is a new post along the same topic. Hope you find it helpful! Everyone has non-negotiables. Here’s how to discover what yours are — and how to respectfully enforce them. By Jen Fisher, Chief Well-being Officer at Deloitte We do a really good […]


September 2020 Employee Well-Being Programs

VCU HR – Helping you with work life balance! All programs are now virtual Register in Talent to receive webinar links. If you don’t have access to Talent please email Cindi at to receive more information on how to access the program! Tuesday, September 1 – 12 pm to 12:45 pm Restorative Yoga with […]

Is it Safe to Shower During a Thunderstorm? Here’s What Experts Say

Turns out, mom was right about this one. By Korin Miller May 21, 2020, Health There are some things in life that you’ve heard about a million times without even thinking to question their validity—like when mom told you you absolutely cannot shower during a thunderstorm. When you were younger, that was probably totally fine […]

7 Ways the Coronavirus Has Changed Millennials’ Money Habits and ways to learn what you should be doing now!

Some of the insights are promising, but others reveal a harrowing reality. Our tips can help. By Alexandra Hayes, Senior Content Development Editor at Thrive Global VCU HR offers these upcoming financial well-being sessions! Tuesday, August 25 – 11 am Taxes in Retirement – Learn about the new tax cuts and jobs act and how to become […]

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How to Create Your Own Self-Care Plan

You may have heard it before: You can’t help others without taking care of yourself first. Self-care is an important way to protect your physical, mental and emotional health so you can better adapt to changes, build strong relationships and recover from setbacks. You can also better support those around you who might be in […]

10 Healthy Habits We’ve Adopted During the Coronavirus Pandemic

And even in our “next normal,” we’re not letting go of them! By Marina Khidekel, Head of Content Development at Thrive Global While the far-reaching impacts of the pandemic have presented us with plenty of challenges — including a disruption of our old routines — this time has also allowed us to take stock of our habits and make mindful changes. As a result, […]

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