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6 Counterintuitive Things Successful and Productive People Do on Sunday

Sunday holds untapped potential if you’re willing to think differently. Sunday is vastly underutilized as an opportunity for fueling success and propelling productivity. Now, I understand that Sunday is a sacred day and a day for rest. Heck, even Chick-fil-A isn’t open on Sundays. But I can’t rest without sharing how you can embrace Sundays […]

10 Tips to Get the Most out of a Tank of Gas

Rising gas prices highlight the need to squeeze every mile out of a gallon of gas By Jeff S. Bartlett Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has rocked the petroleum market, and Americans already see this reflected in rising gas prices at the pump. AAA reports that the national gas price average of $4.25 a gallon for […]

How to Declutter Your Home and Your Mind

3 Strategies to Help You Declutter Your Home and Your Mind When we make small changes to our physical environment, we can reduce stress and optimize our well-being. By Amanda Gibby Peters Homes are our living partners, and they hold enormous ability to influence ample opportunities and positive possibilities on our behalf. Yet, we often dismiss […]

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Reduce Inflammation With These Healthy Eating Tips

Small changes to what we eat can have big effects on our physical and mental health. By Tess Bredesen, Cognitive Nutrition Director at Thrive Global, Cognitive Health Nutritionist, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach You probably know chronic inflammation is bad for the body. But you might not know it’s linked to mental health issues as […]

What’s the Best Way to Stare at Screens All Day?

Screens are no longer optional. If you’re not driving, exercising or sleeping, you’re probably staring at one. And after 10 to 14 hours of screen time in a single day, your eyes can feel like you just rinsed them with sand. Fortunately, there don’t seem to be any long-term vision or eye-health issues related to […]

10 Ways to Get Out of a Slump When You’re Feeling Unmotivated

Regaining creativity can feel daunting, but oftentimes, it’s the small and unexpected joy triggers that can help us course correct. By Marina Khidekel, Chief Content Officer at Thrive The colder months of the year can leave us feeling a bit sluggish and less motivated, and that feeling can affect our work, our relationships, and our overall well-being. Breaking out of a […]

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