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10 fun bits of St. Patrick’s Day

1. Saint Patrick was not even born in Ireland. In fact, he was born somewhere in Great Britain. Rumor has it that when he was 16 years old, he was kidnapped by pirates and held in captivity in Ireland for six years. During this time, Saint Patrick found religion, which gave him the hope to […]

Self Care Tips to make YOU a Priority

Taking the extra time to practice self-care, both at work and at home, can make a huge difference in your health and happiness.  The healthier you are, the better you can be for those around you.  So, make yourself a priority and schedule time for YOU!  Take a look at these two short videos to […]

5 tips to boost your productivity and well-being

Getting more work done in less time or figuring out how to generate better outcomes with fewer resources can resonate with the definition of productivity. It might be determining process that will save you money or time. The main target is more outcomes. Because how being more productive comes up frequently, we decided to ask […]

March is National Nutrition Month

In celebration of National Nutrition Month our partner in wellness, WW, is sharing some tips to help you find balance and enjoy healthier eating. Learn how incorporating protein into your meals and snacks can help you feel full longer. Check it out here. Want wellness tips on the regular? Join WW today through VCU or […]

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How to Live Your Truth During Times Of Uncertainty

Whether you are leading your life, leading a family, leading a company, the one consistent element is you. By Barbara Waxman, Leadership Coach, Gerontologist, Life Stage Expert, Angel Investor Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? For me, it’s usually a snappy tune with singable lyrics —a song that holds meaning in some way. But it […]

Why is teaching good manners important?

Helping young children learn appropriate, polite and considerate behavior enables them to form good manners and become more socially attentive as they get older. MANNERS SHOW RESPECT TO THOSE AROUND US People are precious and the way in which we treat them matters! From a very young age, we need to instill this in our kid’s […]

What You Can Do in the Morning to Boost Your Energy and Eliminate Brain Fog

Your morning habits can set the tone for the rest of your day. By Dr. Michael Breus and Stacey Griffith Although cortisol secretions flow for seven hours before they plummet in the early afternoon, they’re not always enough to clear away morning fogginess, especially if you’re a Wolf or Dolphin attempting to get up too early. […]

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