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Daily deep breathing and/or meditation allows the brain and the heart to achieve a relaxation response, which is restorative for the entire body.  It’s very important to self-regulate your blood pressure by taking a few minutes throughout your hectic day to close your eyes and just breathe.  One exercise is to count down from 10, breathing in on 10, out on 9, in on 8, and so on, saying each number as you go.  Or try meditation – it has been found to lower blood pressure, reduce cardiovascular mortality and improve diabetes, among other payoffs.

If you need help getting started, join us on Tuesday, February 5th for Meditation: Begin your meditation journey by discovering your breath and learn basic meditation techniques.  You can sign up at our training website here.  Hope to see you there!

At VCU we offer many well-being classes.  You can find information our work/life webpage here.


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