February 2021 – Employee Well-Being Programs

All programs are now virtual

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Thursday, February 4th – 12 pm

High Intensity Interval Training with Jess

(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports)

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a training technique in which you give all-out, quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. Workouts are scalable to any fitness level with a focus on cardio and muscular strength/endurance.

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Tuesday, February 9th – 12 pm

Heart Opening Yoga with Hannah

(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports)

We’ll practice moving our attention into our chest and heart space, where we receive and give love. By opening the wrists, collarbones, and upper lungs, we will bring new energized fluids into the joints, allowing the body to work towards balance. We will take our time during the movements to allow space for the strong, emotional body to release what it needs safely.

Register: Talent@VCU (Yoga)

Friday, February 12th – 11 am

Focus on Fiber

(Presented by VCU HR & CommonHealth)

Let’s get to the bottom of our questions, sort myth from fact, and explore the many health perks of fiber. You’ll be on your way to upping your fiber game. Register: Talent@VCU

Wednesday, February 17th – 12 pm

Taxes in Retirement – Learn about the new tax cuts and jobs act and how to become tax diversified

(Presented by VCU HR and Assoc of Financial Educators)

How will you be affected by the tax cuts and jobs act? Learn how to take control of your tax situation so that no matter what happens with laws moving forward, you are in control.

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Thursday, February 18th – 12 pm

Building a Better Budget

 (Presented by VCU HR, VCUHS HR, and Virginia Credit Union)

Get practical advice for creating and sticking to a budget with tools to track spending and establish savings goals.

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Friday, February 19th – 12 pm

Exercise with Heart

(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports)

Join Jess Norman, Assistant Director for Fitness & Wellness, for an educational session about the basics and benefits of cardiovascular exercise. During our time together we’ll review the current exercise guidelines and discuss tips on how to meet them.

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Tuesday, February 23rd – 12 pm

Strength and Cardio Training with Jess

(Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports)

This full body workout blends cardio and strength exercises to increase endurance.

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Wednesday, February 24th – 2 pm

Increasing Mental Toughness

(Presented by VCU HR and Anthem EAP)

This seminar is about using challenging times as an opportunity to increase our mental toughness, and a positive way to look at negative events. We will discuss what it means to be mentally tough and we will also dive into the topic of Grit.

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AMERICA SAVES WEEK is February 22-26, 2021

Join VCU HR and Fidelity for this session to help you save!

Friday, February 26th – 12 pm

Take the First Steps to Investing

 (Presented by VCU HR and Fidelity)

Learn key investing concepts, common investment types and how to choose your investment approach.

Register: Talent@VCU

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