Month: August 2020

2020 American (Richmond) Heart Walk

The 2020 Richmond Heart Walk will take place this year on October 24th. By joining in you can help protect the hearts we love that are the most vulnerable during this extraordinary time. Join VCU & VCU Health for the heart walk campaign experience which is going to be jam packed with challenges leading up […]

Motivation Monday

Quinoa with Cauliflower and Broccoli This is great dish filled with lots of vegetables and nutrients! Using quinoa is a great way to mix up your grain intake – quinoa is high in fiber and protein and is rich in iron and B vitamins. By using lots of different vegetables you are creating a colorful […]

Self-reflection, self-awareness, and renewal

Self-reflection helps keeps us grounded and in control. When we have a better understanding of our emotions and their origins, we are more equipped to handle and process them effectively.  This week we’re focusing on self-awareness, reflection, and renewal. Learn how verbalizing and writing down unpleasant feelings reduces their impact; become more aware of your range […]

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