Motivation Monday – Happy New Year! Make this the best year yet!

1. Analyze your Goals – It’s very Important to not get Influenced by others & write Goals what will not make us happy. So I always sit quietly & ask myself what makes me Happy, then I ask myself where do I want to see myself in the next 12 Months, what are the Improvements I want to see in myself, what experiences I want in the next 1 Year of my life which will make me Happy.

2. Plan your Goals – I love this Part. Before every Year, I buy a New Diary & I Pen down my Goals for the Year. This practice helps me to stay focused & channelize my Energies on what I want. Because of this I manifest my Desires Easily.

3. Enjoy your Goals – Many people take life Seriously. I do the opposite. I enjoy my life to the fullest. One of the most powerful Mind Practice is Visualisation & I love to Visualise my Goals when I am feeling Excited. I enjoy the Goals in my Mind for 15-30 Minutes & this Powerful practice helps me to attract People / Situations / Opportunities in my Life which makes me come very close to my Desires. It feels like Entire Universe is working for me.

4. Morning Rituals – How you feel in the 1st hour of your day is what you are going to attract most of your Day. So to make my Today Happy & Positive, I start my Day with doing 3-5 things that make me Happy / Joyful like – Meditation / Running / Spending time in Nature / Gratitude / Self Motivation Affirmations.

5. Night Rituals – Apart from Mornings, Night Rituals are also very Powerful. I am following this from the last 10 Year.. I watch comedy shows and laugh for 1-2 hours / Reading books / Visualizing my Goals / Gratitude Practice. This helps me to wake up with a lot of Positivity Next day & it creates a Positive Momentum in Life.

6. 30 Days Challenges – I love Challenges.. So every month to make life Exciting I give myself Challenge. Example – Happiness Challenge / Fitness Challenge / Confidence Building Challenge, etc.. You need to keep your life Exciting, don’t follow the same thing or it will become Boring.

7. Live in the Now – I have made many mistakes in life & learned a lot of Lessons but one of the best things I have learned in life is – “Yesterday is History, you can’t change it. Tomorrow is a mystery, you can’t predict it. But today is the best Gift God has given us, hence it’s called – Present. So I try to always live in the Present & Enjoy the Now. I feel more Happy when I am in the Now.. You should try it too.

Excerpt taken from Mind Body & Soul law of attraction blog.

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