DeStress Monday!

What is DeStress Monday?

DeStress Monday is an initiative of the Monday Campaigns, a nonprofit public health initiative associated with Columbia, Johns Hopkins and Syracuse Universities. This initiative provides tips, strategies and tools to help people effectively manage stress. Why Monday? Monday marks the start of the week and is viewed by many as an opportunity for a fresh start or a reset on their health habits. DeStress Monday shares regular tips and guides to help you start every week with a positive frame of mind.

Start Fresh!

Take a moment to quiet your mind and prepare for the week ahead with these four practices:
1. Breathe deeply – an efficient way to settle your mind and body.
2. Be mindful – let go of thoughts about the past and worries about the future; be in the moment and be present.
3. Shift to the positive – resolve any negative feelings and redirect your thinking to the positive; practice gratitude.
4. Get moving – keep your mind and body calm by keeping the blood flowing and staying active; a short walk can be beneficial.

Set Positive Intentions

An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to live your life; it is aligned with your values and purpose and can be helpful in guiding your actions throughout the day. Follow the four-step process below and refresh your intentions each Monday.

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