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Funny Friday

The 20-Minute Daily Clean Routine That’ll Give You Your Weekends Back

Do these tasks every day to stay on top of messes. Weekends should be for recharging, not for catching up on work we didn’t get to during the week. This includes housework. While we like the end result, cleaning the house (for most of us) isn’t a fun or relaxing endeavor. To get to your […]

December 2020 Well-Being Programs Schedule

All programs are now virtual Register in Talent to receive webinar links Tuesday, December 1st – 12 pm Guided Meditation with Chelsea (Presented by VCU HR and VCU Recreational Sports) Take a break from responsibilities to find a moment of quiet reflection in the middle of your day with our guided meditation. Register: Talent@VCU (Mindfulness […]

The World’s Most Nutritious Foods

After analysing more than 1,000 raw foods, researchers ranked the ingredients that provide the best balance of your daily nutritional requirements – and they found a few surprises. Imagine the ideal food. One that contains all the nutrients necessary to meet, but not exceed, our daily nutrient demands. If such a food existed, consuming it, […]

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