Need a break? Travel in your mind, and virtually!

Due to the coronavirus and the resulting lockdowns across the world, everyone’s plans, not to mention our entire lives, have been turned upside-down. We’re now facing unprecedented circumstances – and it also applies to travel.
The virus has caused aircraft to be grounded, borders to close, and entire nations to stay at home. The situation is not easy and our thoughts are with the ill, and those who are working for the health and well-being of us all.

Travel in your mind
When we’ll all be able to travel again is still written in the stars. Until then, we must stay (and work) at home. But just because we need to stay home doesn’t mean we have to give up our love of travel. For now, our travels can only happen in our heads: we can read books that take us to other places, watch movies set in distant lands or cook dishes from around the world. Or we can embark on virtual exploration: even through most museums and sights are closed, many institutions have opened their virtual ‘doors’.
Since we can’t go to the real venues right now, we’ve compiled some of the most beautiful virtual tours of the wonderful places you would normally visit on our trips. Are you ready?

Tour the Rijksmuseum
View Golden Age masterpieces in detail
Rembrandt’s The Night Watch and many more Golden Age masterpieces can be found at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s most famous museum. Stroll the magnificent Gallery of Honour in the new online platform Masterpieces Up Close. Or browse masterpieces on Google’s Online Exhibits, where you can study pictures in minute detail.

Keukenhof’s dazzling tulips
Video visits to Holland’s largest flower park
The season opening of Keukenhof is usually a major event, with more than a million people visiting the famous garden each spring. But this year is different: Keukenhof’s millions of tulips are blooming in the brightest of colors, but with no audience! To share all that floral beauty, Keukenhof is posting YouTube videos so you still enjoy the park as it blooms.

Around the Louvre and back
Virtually stroll the legendary Louvre
The renowned Louvre in Paris is one of the world’s largest museums. This virtual tour takes you from the famous glass pyramid in Cour Napoléon, through 10 of the museum’s most impressive galleries and spaces, all with 360º views.

Rooftops of Paris
New perspectives on the City of Light
Virtual tours can offer a completely new perspective. Ever climbed the roof of Palais Garnier to look out across the streets of Paris? Exactly! This special Google virtual tour of some of the most spectacular roofs in Paris offers some spectacular views insights into life in the City of Light.

Face-to-face with Van Gogh
His most beautiful paintings up close
The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is home to the world’s largest collection of works by legendary artist Vincent van Gogh. Thanks to the museum’s digital collaborations with Google and other platforms, you can vritually stroll the galleries and enjoy highlights such as The Potato Eaters, Almond Blossom and Sunflowers. No queuing required!

Time travel on the IJsselmeer
Step into Dutch seafaring history
Go back centuries with a virtual visit to the Zuiderzee Museum in North Holland. Explore this beautifully preserved Dutch fishing village to glimpse a forgotten era; a time of sailing ships, fishermen, and perilous storm surges.

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