Mindful Monday!

A Mindful Writing Exercise to Ground You in the Moment 

First, take a moment and tune into the sounds around you right now. Meditation teacher Bob Stahl says that sounds have the same nature as sensations in the body and thoughts. He even has a guided meditation that takes the basics of mindfulness into the sounds around us. 

Next, write down descriptions of the sounds you hear: words like crackle, crunch, splinter, whistle, shush, whisper and more. Long-time meditator Susan Gillis Chapman reminds us that mindfulness is about creating space for silence and for listening. She describes three types of sounds to appreciate as you sit in “silence.”

Finally, write a memory, fictional scene, or poem, and focus on the sense of sound in your writing. Regardless of whether you consider yourself a “creative” person, try conjuring up a happy memory and then tune into its soundtrack in your mind’s ear. If that feels out of reach for you, consider simply making a list of the sounds that accompany the memory you’re reflecting on. Tapping into your creativity increases your well-being and promotes flourishing. 

You can try this writing exercise on your own, or connect with friends online through video conferencing, email, or good old-fashioned telephone calls to share the experience—and what you’ve written, if you’re so inclined!

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