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We all try to live an active lifestyle—whether that’s going to the gym a few times a week, flowing through a yoga class, or trekking around in the great outdoors. But sometimes we’re too short on time (or, let’s be real, motivation) to head into a crowded workout studio or expose ourselves to the hot summer sun. Lucky for us, there are other options. Instead of neglecting our workout (and the mood-boosting benefits that come from it), we schedule ourselves a little one-on-one workout time with YouTube.

The workouts are time-flexible, accessible, and expert-led. In other words, it’s basically a treasure trove of fitness.

A quick search unearths everything from yoga to Pilates to HIIT training routines; whatever type of sweat session you prefer, YouTube likely has it. That’s why we decided to put together a list of our favorite online fitness channels just to help you narrow your search a little bit. Keep reading here to see the YouTube fitness gurus we can always count on for increasing our heart rate and improving our headspace.

And you can join us tomorrow, Wednesday, June 12th at the Cary Street Gym Group Exercise room at 12 noon for chair yoga! That’s free too! Sign up here or just show up!



Hi there! I am assuming you are on the MCV campus? This month’s chair yoga on the MCV Campus is Wednesday June 26th in the Larrick Center at 12 noon. You can sign up at If you don’t have an eID just send me an email ( and I will sign you up. We have chair yoga on both campuses every month. Hope to see you there!

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