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Here Is Why We Need To Talk About Bullying In The Work Place

Recent studies have shown that workplace bullying is on the rise. Research has proven that almost 75% of employees surveyed had been affected by workplace bullying. The 2017 US Workplace Bullying Survey showed that almost 60% US workers are affected by it. It has also been shown that although workplace bullying is not equally split between men (70%) and women (30%), women tend to bully more women than men (more than 65% in both cases). Studies have also shown that women can carry unconscious bias against women.


Workplace bullying is also not carried out by supervisors and superiors alone, but also by co-workers. In all cases, it is a form of power struggle. An Australian study found that almost one in two Australians will face some kind of workplace bullying in their life time. Of those bullied, 40 per cent of people experienced workplace bullying early in their career.

A 2015 poll carried out by YouGov for the TUC revealed that nearly a third of people (29%) are bullied at work, women (34%) are more likely to be victims of bullying than men (23%), and the highest prevalence of workplace bullying is amongst 40 to 59-year-olds, where 34% of adults are affected. Nearly one third (29%) of Asian employees or those from other BAME backgrounds reported experiencing some form of bullying or harassment compared with 18 per cent of white employees.

A 2011 survey by UNISON supports these findings, with 60% from 6,000 respondents reporting either experiencing or witnessing bullying in their job. Additionally, in a report released in November 2015, the Acas revealed that their helpline received 20,000 phone calls in a year in relation to bullying.

Scary statistics indeed!


Workforce environments are experiencing increased bullying and violence. Regardless of the contributing factors – stress due to downsizing, sandwich generation issues and/or financial strains bullying and violence deteriorates productivity. This class will discuss the warning signs and strategies for both employees and employers to cope with bullying and violence in the workplace. Join VCU HR and Anthem EAP for this pertinent topic on the MCV Campus. Sign up here!



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