Stress Triggers

Stress Triggers

Control What You Can

The things that stress us out the most tend to be those that we have less control over. We have less control because they are caused by external factors, not internal.

Nothing can be done to prevent an accident that backs up traffic for miles and makes you late for daycare pick up. You can’t prevent gas from going up another dime, taking a toll on your budget. We also can’t control that the price of gas went up another dime.

Even when we take steps to prevent these stressors, there’s no guarantee they won’t happen. It’s no surprise then that the top four stressors for Americans are all external.

  1. Job pressure
  2. Money
  3. Health
  4. Relationships

If you can’t completely prevent all the possible external stressors from occurring, what can you do? You can learn to control how you react to the stressors.

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