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5 Morning Habits That Help You Wake Up In A Good Mood

We’re not all morning people. A lot of us wake up grumpy, drowsy, and annoyed with the world for forcing us to get up and get the day going. But it doesn’t have to be this way, even if you’ve never been the kind of person who likes mornings to begin with. The fact is […]

Motivation Monday

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RecWell Meditations Available on YouTube

RecWell’s weekly meditation sessions are going on summer vacation. Mindfulness moments are still available by visiting RecWell Health Promotion on YouTube at the following URL. View a playlist of prerecorded guided meditations. Visit There is also a live well-being session on meditation this month: Monday, August 22nd – 11 am Mindfulness Meditation with Mia (Presented […]

Setting Healthy Intentions


Scientists define happiness as the sum of two things: How satisfied you are with your life + how good you feel day to day. While we all experience different degrees of happiness at different times, being happier is a skill we can build with practice. Try these tips for a happier, more fulfilling life. Get […]

Motivation Monday

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Check off your RVA Summer Bucket List

It’s officially summer and RVA is bustling with the hottest events and activities you won’t want to miss! Whether you have a need for speed or a craving for cool confections, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy. Plan a road trip to the Richmond Region – on a tank of gas or less! – for a […]

Be Your Motivation

Motivation is the fuel that keeps us energized, determined, and dedicated to our physical activity goals. But sometimes we get stuck, and in these situations, we need a little spark or boost to keep us moving in the right direction. By planning a path to success, taking small-steps, and using inspirational cues like music and […]

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