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Practicing mindfulness can help you to be fully present and more self aware. And, it can help you to raise awareness of the world around you. Mindfulness can also help you notice when you’re spending too much time thinking about the past or the future. You may discover that this is keeping you from living in the present moment.

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Here are a few ways you can begin.

  • Bring your attention through your entire body starting with your feet and ending at your head. Notice sensations like warmth or coolness or tension or relaxation. You might feel your abdomen rise and sink.
  • Notice  when you’re mind is racing. Stop. Put your feet on the ground. Follow your breathing in and out. See if you can notice one thought at a time as it passes through your mind.
  • Set a reminder in your phone to stand up and stretch every 30 minutes. Feel your feet connected to the ground. Gently reach your arms over your head. Follow your breathing in and out for three cycles. Notice sensations in your body.
  • Practice mindful eating. Notice your hunger level. Pay attention to the food you eat — the color, smell, texture, and taste. Try savoring the experience for three bites.
  • Really listen. Try paying attention to not only the words, but also the speaker’s tone of voice, their expression, posture, and hand movements. Listen to understand.

Try this one-minute practice

Mindfulness is paying attention to your present moment experience with an attitude of openness and curiosity. Take a pause and improve your well-being. Try this simple mindfulness exercise.

  1. Stop and place your feet on the ground
  2. Feel your feet in contact with the floor.
  3. Bring your attention to your breathing.
  4. Follow your breath in and out seven times.
  5. Notice how you feel now.
  6. Try this three-times a day.

Stay mindful on vacation

Remind yourself to be fully present
So often, you go on vacation to break from your busy schedules and daily routines. But being on vacation can sometimes create more stress and chaos than peace of mind. That’s why practicing mindfulness is key. Just remind yourself to be fully present. Soak in each and every moment — whether it’s with your loved ones or just yourself. You’ll make your time off more enjoyable. And more memorable, too.

What is mindfulness?
It’s paying full attention to what’s happening with an attitude of openness and curiosity. Even on vacation, you could find yourself focusing on something in the past or in the future. Maybe it’s something related to money or work. Mindfulness can be a powerful way to help you get back to where you are and what you’re doing and feeling.

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Glad you liked it – hopefully you got some take away points from it to help improve your mindfulness practice!

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