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It’s been a dark, cold winter, but now that the days are getting longer and the weather is beginning to warm, we have less of an excuse to stay huddled on our couches surrounded by pizza boxes, chocolate wrappers, and half-eaten pint containers of tikka masala, and more of a reason to get out into the world. Spring represents growth and rebirth, so it’s only appropriate that we refocus our attention on ourselves and our eating habits. But even if you’ve strayed a little far from the path of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and plant-based proteins, you’ll be glad to know that it’s pretty easy to get back on track.

To help you learn how to eat healthy, and stay on track we have two awesome programs tomorrow!

Thursday, April 21st – 10:30 am

Your Guide to Meal Prepping and Planning

(Presented by CommonHealth and WW-Weight Watchers reimagined)

Some of us are Tupperware-gurus, while others enjoy planning their meals the morning of. During this webinar, a WW Coach shares the benefits of meal planning and prepping, how you can conquer the grocery store and more tips for a successful week of meals.

Register: Talent@VCU

Thursday, April 21st – 12 pm

The truth about dieting

(Presented by VCU HR and Anthem EAP)

Are you on another fad diet? We discuss why diets don’t work, and, more importantly, explain what does work. When, what, and how much to eat, among other topics, will leave you with a good idea on how to maintain a healthy weight the right way.

Register: Talent@VCU

Healthy Monday is featuring their new Meatless Monday Healthy Eating Guide, which has tons of information related to the health benefits of plant-based eating, as well as recipes, cooking tips, and other additional resources oriented towards making satisfying and delicious meals using better-for-you ingredients. The guide also includes a link to our Meatless Monday Challenge, a 12-week series designed to ease you — and your friends/family/social network/etc. — into an eating routine that involves more plant-based and whole foods. So don’t wait until the hot and sweaty summer to revamp your diet; use this Monday to explore the Meatless Monday Healthy Eating Guide and take that important step towards cooking and enjoying more nutritious meals

If you are unable to access Talent@VCU and are interested in either of the sessions, please contact Cindi at to get the link.

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