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More than a century of cultural history is easily accessible in image and text through The Vogue Archive. The Vogue Archive gives users digital access to the entire run of the U.S. edition of Vogue(1892-present) with its photographs, articles and advertisements. Comprehensive indexing allows for searches of keywords, materials, products, garments, designers, individuals and companies.

Students from a wide range of disciplines will find this resource useful, from fashion, interior design and art history to advertising, mass communications and gender, sexuality and women’s studies.

While many people think of Vogue as just a fashion magazine, in reality it presents a broad portrait of its era;Vogue documents both style and society.

From The Vogue Archive website:

“The contents of Vogue are obviously of central importance to the history of fashion, from the liberating modernism of Coco Chanel to the cross-gendered experimentation of Jean-Paul Gaultier and beyond. However, it is also a rich source for other areas of modern culture, providing a record of changing social tastes, mores and aspirations in the modern world, and encompassing literary works by Kate Chopin, Evelyn Waugh, Vladimir Nabokov and Carson McCullers, articles by Winston Churchill and Bertrand Russell, wartime photojournalism by Lee Miller, features on popular cultural figures of the day from Marlene Dietrich and the Beatles to Nicole Kidman and Beyoncé, and on prominent American women from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama.”

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Image: The Vogue Archive, VCU

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