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Students can now search for classes by textbook cost

Did you know that you can search for classes based on textbook costs? In 2019, the Virginia General Assembly passed a law requiring all public higher education institutions to “identify conspicuously in the online course catalogue or registration system…each course for which the instructor exclusively uses no cost or low-cost course materials” (VA § 23.1-1308). At […]

VCU Libraries notifies faculty about ebooks assigned in classes

Thanks to an ongoing partnership with Barnes and Noble@VCU, VCU Libraries is able to notify faculty on both the Monroe Park and MCV campuses when a book they are assigning is available as an unlimited user ebook. Although purchasing traditional textbooks (e.g. Algebra 1, Introduction to US History) falls outside of our collection guidelines, we […]

Tips for faculty: Selecting and sharing course materials with students

VCU Libraries is faculty’s campus partner for selecting and sharing course materials. Drawing on expertise in collections, copyright, and more, libraries faculty and staff can help instructors thinking about textbook affordability, find the right materials for class and ensure those materials are shared legally. Information on this support and more can be found on the […]

Request Ebooks for Classes through the VIVA Faculty Portal

VCU Libraries may be able to help provide affordable versions of course materials to your students. While you won’t find traditional textbooks (e.g. an Algebra 1 or Introduction to US Government textbook) in the library catalog, many of the scholarly works we own as ebooks allow for unlimited simultaneous users, making them ideal for use […]