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Phishing Scams and Schemes Unveiled

Credential Stealing Scam “POLICY DOC00999 – Review & Acknowledge” 12/12/2023

Good afternoon, please beware an email from “Eric Ahlberg“. First saw the email delivered December 11, 2023 at 02:10 PM. Please be advised that this email is a scam and should be deleted. If you attempted to interact with the phishing email on a VCU managed device you would see this similar pop up […]

Fake Student Job Scam Email

Please beware another job scam email. Please note the following red flags. -Sender address is claiming to be a VCU professor but the actual address is not a email address. -Notice the grammatical errors in the message, missing spaces and poor sentence structure. Please reach out to if you are in contact with […]

QR Phishing Email (11/8/2023)

QR phishing emails are on the rise. The phisher sends you a QR code in hopes that you scan it with your phone. The phisher is hoping to bypass any security controls that your company implements since users will often use their personal phones to scan the QR code. Below is an example of a […]

Phishing Text Message – Suspicious Bank Account 10/2/2023

There is a phishing text message being sent to individuals from the address “”. The phisher/scammer is spoofing the VCU email address. The text message typically references a problem with a bank account. Please do not call the number associated with the text message. An example of the text message is below:

Beware Fake VCU Job posting from Susan Palko: 8/31/23

There have been multiple reports about job postings including on LinkedIn about VCU positions. These are fake posting titled IT Support Specialist or SQL Database Administrator. There may be other ones as well. Please do not respond to this individual. Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions regarding this.

Scammer Impersonating Two VCU Employees Sent out 8/2/23 around 10:30 AM

A scam was sent out targeting the DAR Technology Services department at VCU from different email addresses all trying to impersonate Rob Downs the Executive Director, DAR Information Systems, and Jay E. Davenport the Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations. Scams like this one are common. They appear to be a message from your […]

Beware mass phishing email titled: Your further 2023 payroll-related communication from Virginia Commonwealth University has been delivered 7/19/23

Many individuals have received an email titled: Your further 2023 payroll-related communication from Virginia Commonwealth University has been delivered. Within the email is a link that leads to a fake VCU login page. This page will be used to steal your login credentials. If you or anyone you know may have clicked that link and […]

Beware of false text messaged from President Rao 7/5/23

We have received multiple people getting fake text messages from President Rao asking to purchase ebay/gift cards. They will present themselves asking for your help. If you receive these messages please report it to along with blocking the sender. They will attempt to get you to make this false purchase with a promise of […]

Beware Phishing Scam “Free Piano Donation.!!!.” 5/17/23

Scam email promising a free piano has hit VCU. This email promises a free piano after paying a “delivery fee”. This is a very convincing scam. Users have fallen for this scam before and were not able to recover the money they sent. If you are ever unsure of an email you can forward it […]

Another Job scam email, Scammer impersonating Cara H. Cario, Ph.D. 3/21/23

Another job scam was reported to VCU Information Security this week. The scammer is impersonating Professor Cara H. Cario, Ph.D. from a fake email that appears to be from the professor at first glance. The email address Professor Cara Cario, Ph.D. via The scammer promising paychecks weekly of around 250.00. Please note that […]

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