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Scam Warning Voicemail Phishing Email Feb 28, 2024 at 10:18 AM

Please beware of this phishing email claiming to be a voice message sent by VCU. The phishing email was actually sent by a random email address that changed its name to VCU. Please do not click “Listen to Voicemail”. If you have reached out to the scam message please email us at Please notice […]

Phishing Scam Tricking You to Give Away Your Password 2/28/24

This is a targeted phishing scam towards the VCU community. The scammer attempts to scare victims by telling them their password will expire today and they must “click here” to reset it. If you were to “Click Here” you would be taken to a form, which would capture your password giving away your credentials to […]

Phishing Text Messages (2/28/2024)

There is a phishing text message pretending to be ‘Robert A. Winn’ and asking for Apple Gift Cards. The phishing is currently using the number 1-804-847-1252. Stay diligent as phone numbers are easy to spoof. Lastly, remember if someone is requesting gift cards – it is likely a scam.

Job Scam Email Reported Mon, Feb 19, 2024 at 4:33 PM

Please beware of the following job scam email. If you have replied to this offer, please stop all communications with the scammer. This message is not from a VCU professor, please note the suspicious email address from the sender. The scammers behind these emails will pretend to be VCU professors and contact students with unsolicited […]


Hello, around 8:20pm this scam email was reported to Infomation Security Office. This is a scam trying to trick victims into moving off of an email to communicate and convince the victim to pay for a shipping fee for the fee items being given away. This is a scam. Please reset your eid password if […]