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Fake Password Reset Scam Email

Beware QR Code scam sent around Jan 16th at 8:01 PM. This is a fake Microsoft login screen created by a malicious scammer to steal your credentials. Never trust a QR code in an email. More often than not it is a scam leading you to a phishing website. This is a high level phishing […]

Warning of Fake Email Verification Scam 1-16-24 5:30am

Please be warned of a fake “IT Helpdesk” scam email that was sent out around 5:30am this morning. The scam included a disguised link leading to a form that steal user credentials. If you clicked this link please reset your eid password. If you have responded to the scammer, clicked on the link, otherwise interacted […]

Virginia Commonwealth University Employees: Retirement Planning Sessions Available

Be wary of unsolicited emails regarding pension planning. Although they may provide a legitimate service, they are NOT affiliate with the University or the State. If you want to receive VCU provided support for retirement, please review the resources located on the VCU HR Website:

Warning Credential Stealing Scam Subject “Mandy L. Smith is requesting access”

Phishing email was sent Wed, Jan 10, 2024 around 3:56 PM, this scam baits the victim to click the link and submit their login credentials to then see what the document could be. This scam was sent out in groups so you may have received an email from the same hacker but different subject. The hacker […]