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Phishing Microsoft OneDrive Link (Subject Line: Timmons Wong Shared ‘Regina Largent’ with you.) – 8/26/2019

This phisher sent out an email with a phishing link directing users to a Microsoft Share Point and then to another website. The final website was harvesting Microsoft usernames and passwords. You can see a screenshot of the email below. The following should be going through our heads when we receive an email: Do I […]

Deactivated Accounts Email from the ‘IT Support Center’ — Phishing Website (8/21/19)

The phisher is attempting to have VCU users click the malicious link in order to steal the user’s passwords. We know this is  a scam due to a couple of reasons: The email address is ‘’ and not a VCU email address ( The grammar is bad (E.g. …advised to verify this request otherwise give […]

PIT249847 – Service Request Approval Required, SCAM 8/9/19

The following is a scam, which will lead you to a login page. The page is a fake login page which will steal your credentials. Notice that the email address is not from a department VCU email, it is not even from VCU. Also notice that if you hover over the link, it will lead […]

VCU Tuition Option for Fall 2019, SPAM (8/5/19)

The following email is targeted at students, specifically their interest in student loans. The spammers are quite persistent and will employ multiple email addresses from multiple domains to avoid spam filters. If you see this email or an email similar to this please delete it. ——————————————————————————————– From: Student Loans Date: August 5, 2019 at […]