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Warning: Scam impersonating Dr. Rao, 6/25/19

The Information Security Office has been alerted to a scam that has been sent out to several members of the VCU community. The scam is impersonating Dr. Rao and is claiming that the scammer needs a favor, which is to get several gift cards from Apple and send over the gift card information to the […]

PSA: Payroll Scams

The information Security office has received reports of a payroll/ payday scam going around the university. The scammer’s are using phone calls and text messages to carry out the scam. Please be aware of these scams and report any suspicious phone calls or texts to VCU information Security. The scammer will reach out to the […]

PSA: Fake Job Offer Scams

The Information Security Office has received several reports of fake job offer scams being sent to VCU. This is a scam in which the scammer is posing as a company or someone who is offering a job. The scammer will offer the victim a job. The job will usually be about an assistant or a […]

Docusign Phish – 6/7/2019

The following phishing email used a fictitious Docusign email in order to lure users to another website where it captured login credentials. The hyperlink to view the document was what gave this phishing scam away.