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WARNING Scam email claiming to be from Michael Rao Ph.D “A Charitable Gift For You !”

Hello, this is a fake message claiming to be from Michael Rao Ph.D, the scam tricks victims into replying in hopes of getting free items but will charge you a fake shipping fee. Please delete the message and do not reply to the scammers or send any money to the “moving company”. If you have […]

Credential Stealing Scam “POLICY DOC00999 – Review & Acknowledge” 12/12/2023

Good afternoon, please beware an email from “Eric Ahlberg“. First saw the email delivered December 11, 2023 at 02:10 PM. Please be advised that this email is a scam and should be deleted. If you attempted to interact with the phishing email on a VCU managed device you would see this similar pop up […]

Fake Student Job Scam Email

Please beware another job scam email. Please note the following red flags. -Sender address is claiming to be a VCU professor but the actual address is not a email address. -Notice the grammatical errors in the message, missing spaces and poor sentence structure. Please reach out to if you are in contact with […]