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Fake Microsoft Page – Stock#Children’s Specialty Group Email – 3/31/20

We received this phishing email today. It was from a ‘cyndi.fischer@chkd[.]org’ with the subject line ” Stock#Children’s Specialty Group, PLLC 03/31/2020 “. Unfortunately, this individual’s account had been compromised and a phisher was using to send phishing email to their contacts. This email contained a link that went to a fake Microsoft Login page. Remember […]

Warning: COVID-19 Scams on the Rise

Hello, This is general PSA to alert the community about an uptick in COVID-19 related scams. As always, scammers and bad actors will take advantage of a bad situation. There has been reports that there are some scam emails stating that the scammer have access to scarce resources (toilet paper, hand sanitizer and face mask) […]

Suspicious Phone Calls – 3/3/20

We’ve received a report regarding odd/suspicious phone call that seemed to play off the coronavirus fear. We are uncertain what the scammer may have been trying to do. Be on the look out of odd/suspicious phone calls or emails playing towards the coronavirus fear. Some common scams include cancelling hotel reservations due to events being […]