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Academic Integrity Scam Targeting Students (11/12/20)

Please be aware that the VCU information Security office has received notification of a scam that is targeting students. The scam involves the scammer stating that they have evidence that the victim is cheating on or in their classes. The scammer will provide photoshopped screenshots of emails that they have from Karen Belanger, the director […]

Fedex/USPS Phishing Text (11/4/2020)

We’ve seen a recent uptick in the fake Fedex/USPS/UPS Text messages. The scam works like this: you’ll receive a text message that appears to be from Fedex/USPS/UPS. The text message will contain a malicious link. This link will lead to a website which may appear to be a fake-amazon or other online retailer. The fake-website […]