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PSA: Fitness Trainer Scam – 11/26/2019

This scam is a little different than our run-of-the-mill phishing scam. This individual claims to be interested in a personal fitness coach. What they don’t mention is that they plan on using a stolen credit card to pay us and then have us pay the ‘driver’ (hint hint: it is the scammer) on their behalf. […]

Important College Message From the President – Michael Rao, Phd. SCAM 11/19/19

There is a scam email being sent out to the university by scammers impersonating Dr. Rao. The scammers have sent an email with an attachment with a link to a phishing site, DO NOT open/ download the attachment. Please note that the email address used is NOT but a personal gmail account. If you […]

PSA- Job Offer Scams on the Rise

Please be on the alert for unsolicited job offers. With the upcoming break, we are anticipating that there will be more of these fake job offers targeting students home from the break. We’ve had reports of one from, offering a part time role. Please notice that the random capitalization in the email, the non […]

[Docusign Alert For: [ Victim ] E-Signature Needed [ ].], Scam

There is a phishing email being sent out from Please be on the look out for any emails coming from this address. The email will look like a regular docusign email but will ask you to enter your credentials to see the document. DO NOT put in your credentials, this is a SCAM. If […]

Pet Sitter Scam

This is a scammer is pretending to look for a dog walker/sitter for their ‘uncle’. Don’t be tricked into contacting the scammer as they may solicit you for other information or payments. From: Scammer Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2019 9:50 AM Subject: [EXTERNAL] Part time Pet walker/ Pet sitter Needed. Good day, I am […]