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This scam is a little different than our run-of-the-mill phishing scam. This individual claims to be interested in a personal fitness coach. What they don’t mention is that they plan on using a stolen credit card to pay us and then have us pay the ‘driver’ (hint hint: it is the scammer) on their behalf.

Lastly, we notice the odd grammar (or the lack there of) and poorly structured sentences. Check

November 26, 2019, Rosemann Kenneth <> wrote:

Thanks for your mail…i want to schedule this appointment for my daughter’s as a surprise package for my girls during there vacation holiday they are coming from Virginia down to the state here,They all want to loss there weight and gain more strength before they will resume back to work,Can you teach them this training session privately or group training and can you get back to me with total estimate for 2 times in a week training 3(Female) Ladies for 5 weeks with the type of credit card you accept,And also want you to know that they will be coming along with their private van driver and i’ll appreciate if you can secure this appointment for them for me, waiting to hear back from you now.