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Facebook Messaging Scam (11/3/2022)

Another day, another scam. Today’s scam targets users with Facebook groups. The scammer used facebook branding, and they even have a link that appears to be related to Facebook. Fortunately, when I hover over the link, I realized that it was not related to Facebook. Additionally, the email address is a Gmail address.

Another Job Scam (7/18/2022)

Phishers and scammers all want a piece of someone else’s money. Today’s scam is no different. The scam lures the victim to a promising job opportunity: low hours and high pay. The scammer collects personal information from you and sends you a check. This is where the scam occurs. The scammer overpays you with the […]

Debt Collector Scam (6/27/2022)

Today’s scam involved debt collectors! The phishers impersonated a legitimate debt collection business (e.g. Bierens Group), but they used a fake domain (““). The real debt collectors are ““. Check out the scam below: From: Chahdad – Bierens Collection Attorneys <>Date: Sun, Jun 26, 2022 at 7:50 PMSubject: Outstanding DebtTo: <> Hello Victim I am a Debt […]

Paypal Invoice Scam (5/10/2022)

This is a new type of scam where people register as “vendors” with PayPal and invoices their victims. In order for the scam to work, the scammer is banking on you clicking on the link and paying for the invoice and/or calling the number listed (which will result in the scammer attempting to convince you […]

“Call for you…” Fake Login Page (3/24/2022)

Today’s phishing email is more sophisticated than the typical Norton/Geek Squad Fake Invoice Scam. Today’s scam uses an attached HTM file to redirect users to a fake login page. An example of the email without the malicious attachment is below. ———- Forwarded message ———From: Alert Call Center <>Date: Thu, Mar 24, 2022 at 12:00 PMSubject: Call Log […]

Amazon/Norton Bill Scam (1/31/2022)

We see a lot of these ‘bill’ scams. The scammer will send you a notice regarding a very large bill and provide a number to call. The number is managed by the scammers. The scammer will attempt to ask you for sensitive information such as credit card information, SSN, and Date of Birth. We have […]

Norton Subscription Scam (9/1/2021)

Fish, like Phishers, never sleep! Today we have a Norton Subscription Scam. The way this works is the phisher will email you a bill and list their scammer phone number. They want you to call their number. They will then try to gather additional information from you such as credit card information or personal information […]

Extortion Scam (9/1/2021)

My grandma always said, “Don’t believe everything you read”, and that is as relevant today when it concerns phishing emails! Today’s phisher is claiming to have hacked the user’s computer and is demanding money in order to not release sensitive videos and photos of the user to their family. Remember, scare tactics are a common […]

Geek Squad Subscription – SCAM – (7/20/2021)

The scammers are on the rise again! This time it is a Geek Squad Subscription. This scam involves sending you a subscription renewal notice from ‘Geek Squad’. The scammer wants to you call their phone number and provide sensitive information (e.g., credit card information, personal information, etc). There are a couple of identifiers that let […]

Important Updates – Spoofing Email Address (7/15/2021)

This is a clever phishing tactic. The phisher ‘spoofs’ your email address and sends you an email. From your perspective, you received an email from yourself. This helps build authenticity that your account has been hacked and now the phisher is demanding payment (in the form of bitcoin). Fortunately for you, your account is not […]

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