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Be wary of unsolicited emails regarding pension planning. Although they may provide a legitimate service, they are NOT affiliate with the University or the State.

From: James Dawson<>
Date: Wed, Jan 10, 2024 at 10:05
Subject: Virginia Commonwealth University Employees: retirement planning sessions available
To: <VCU Person>

As an employee of Virginia Commonwealth University, you are eligible for a one-on-one retirement planning session. These sessions are designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of your retirement roadmap.
What you can expect:
– Personalized analysis of your retirement based on your savings and benefits. – A step-by-step guide to your retirement timeline. – Innovative strategies to maximize your retirement funds. – Secure and sustainable post-retirement options.
To book your session:
Visit this link to view the scheduling page. – Pick a time that aligns with your schedule. – Fill out a quick form to secure your slot.
We’re ready to help you navigate your path to a fulfilling retirement.
Best regards,
James Dawson State Pension Advisors
Our consultations are conducted by independent advisors who specialize in retirement planning for University and State Government employees and are not affiliated with or employed by Virginia Commonwealth University.

If you want to receive VCU provided support for retirement, please review the resources located on the VCU HR Website: