Phishing Net

Phishing Scams and Schemes Unveiled

This is a targeted phishing scam towards the VCU community. The scammer attempts to scare victims by telling them their password will expire today and they must “click here” to reset it. If you were to “Click Here” you would be taken to a form, which would capture your password giving away your credentials to the scammer.

Examples of the scam are below.

Signs of phishing. The email address is actually from a Hotmail account, not a real VCU help desk email. The email states you will be logged out unless you reset your password today, which presents the victims with a sense of urgency. It’s easy to miss the red flags when you feel pressured to act fast. If you were to hover over the click here link it gives you a preview showing the URL is not a legitimate VCU resource but a suspicious form website.

If you did happen to enter your password into the form, please reset your eID and password through the eID Management Portal and select the Password Management tab at the top of the page.

If you reached out to the scammer or had any other questions comments of concerns please email us at