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Phishing Scams and Schemes Unveiled

Please beware of the following job scam email. If you have replied to this offer, please stop all communications with the scammer. This message is not from a VCU professor, please note the suspicious email address from the sender.

The scammers behind these emails will pretend to be VCU professors and contact students with unsolicited job offers or research opportunities. The scammers will promise the victims steady weekly pay and will sometimes even ask the victims to analyze some data before proceeding with the scam. Typically, the scammers will eventually ask students to do one of two things:

  1. The scammer will attempt to have the students buy gift cards and send photos of the cards along with the card numbers and receipts back to the scammer.
  2. The scammer will attempt to send the student a check and have the student deposit it and take a specific portion out to reimburse another “vendor.”

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If you have any further questions, or reached out to the scammer please email us at