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Phishing Scams and Schemes Unveiled

A scam was sent out targeting the DAR Technology Services department at VCU from different email addresses all trying to impersonate Rob Downs the Executive Director, DAR Information Systems, and Jay E. Davenport the Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations.

Please note that the email says it is from Jay E. Davenport but the real email address sending the message is an outside address “”

Scams like this one are common. They appear to be a message from your boss asking if you are busy? If you have a second? and then try to have a conversation with you because “your boss” needs you to buy them gift cards. This is a scam. Scammers can easily make a profit if their victims send gift cards since they can’t be canceled or tracked.

If you ever get tricked into sending a gift card we recommend immediately contacting the gift card issuer and telling them the situation aws this is very common and most gift card issuers have a procedure for these incidents.

If an email or text ever seem suspicious please notify us via email at, thank you!