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Fish, like Phishers, never sleep! Today we have a Norton Subscription Scam. The way this works is the phisher will email you a bill and list their scammer phone number. They want you to call their number. They will then try to gather additional information from you such as credit card information or personal information (name, DoB, SSN, etc). Always be suspicious when you receive a unsuspecting bill and always check the sender address. Lastly, if you feel the need to contact the company (e.g Norton), find the customer service number for Norton using the company’s website. You can normally find this information from a quick google Google Search since the information in the email may not be trust worthy. Email details are below:

From: ethan gre
Date: Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 1:25 PM

dear valuable customer,

Your application for the automatic renewal plan for Norton 365 protection for PC has been auto upgraded successfully .

And the payment has been debited from your account automatically.

we would like to send you the details for your order as our policy is transparency.


Voucher no : : PCB 339 ABG

Subscription date: – : 31th AUG 2021

product detail : : NORTAN 365 protection for PC

validity limit : 1 – year date of purchase

subscription charges : $298 :88 USD

Billing detail : : Debited (A/C) AUTO


If you like to change the subscription you can Kindly get in touch with our Norton team :

Please call us on : (1) + (866) (508) (2541)

Regards ;

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