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Phishing Scams and Schemes Unveiled

My grandma always said, “Don’t believe everything you read”, and that is as relevant today when it concerns phishing emails! Today’s phisher is claiming to have hacked the user’s computer and is demanding money in order to not release sensitive videos and photos of the user to their family. Remember, scare tactics are a common tactic in a phishing email. Always report these emails to your friend security team. Email below!

From: Alisha Mckelvin <>
Date: Wed, Sep 1, 2021 at 6:59 AM

The more I live and work, the more I’m amazed by people and by the things the do in their own time. Let’s look at you Victim. What makes you jerk? What is the sense of it and what the hell is wrong with you? You don’t look like an ugly person who is unable to get a girl, but nevertheless u go about the things like that. I think it’s about your hand and you indeed love it very much. You would win first place if there existed competitions in onanism. You’re a real superhero in the universe of wanking. Enough for philosophy, let’s come to the point. I can suggest you to hide the webcam when u practice something like this, because it’s hard to tell if somebody gained access to your device or not. I provide u with 42 h to satisfy my demands, or within 84 hours I’ll be made to share your video with the contacts from ur email I downloaded. This is a fair demand for saving ur persona USD, BTC 1LjBBokigHCd8GfxsuZVrVqrmzivbCC8pe. I reckon ur loved ones and friends will be impressed by what they’ll see. When u read this notification, the timer will start for solving this matter. This e-mail address is going to be deleted, you will fail to get in touch with me.