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Phishing Scams and Schemes Unveiled

The scammers are on the rise again! This time it is a Geek Squad Subscription. This scam involves sending you a subscription renewal notice from ‘Geek Squad’. The scammer wants to you call their phone number and provide sensitive information (e.g., credit card information, personal information, etc). There are a couple of identifiers that let us know this is a phishing email:

  • They are using a Gmail Account (not a Bestbuy email address)
  • There are weird grammatical problems (e.g., ‘Writing this mail’)
  • Random phone number (e.g., ‘1 (8 0 0) – 306 – 2981’)

As always – be vigilant and send these emails to your local security team (us!).

From: Elbis Crauyt
Date: Tue, Jul 20, 2021 at 9:31 AM

Admired User,

Writing this mail to inform you that your purchase has been successful for the renewal of Geek Squad Secure Service.

$987USD has been auto charged against your A/C as you had selected an auto renewal plan. We have enabled the plan you have chosen for your device for the next 3 year.

This service includes repairing/replacement of your device, online support through Geek Squad Team and many more.

Total plan details here:

Invoice ID: WF47_TH906

Product Name: Geek Squad (Auto Renewal)

Date of purchase: 20 July 2021

Expires after: 3 year

Charged: $987USD

We admire you being our regular user. If you face any problem regarding this purchase/subscription, Feel free to reach us

Between Mon – Sat (8:30 AM To 8:00 PM EST)

At + 1 (8 0 0) – 306 – 2981

Geek squad.