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Phishing Scams and Schemes Unveiled

There has been reports of a phone scam making the rounds. Please be aware that while, most scams occur over email, they still can occur via phone. In this scam, the victim will receive a phone call from a flower company and they will claim that they have a delivery for you. The company will ask for when the victim will be out of office, so that they can figure out a good time to deliver the package to the victim.

This is the start of a scam, once the scammer knows when the victim will be out of office the scammer will attempt to impersonate the victim when they are out of office or use it as a way to confuse other office employees.

This scam was caught, when the victim asked for the scammer’s return phone number to call and asked why they needed that information. The number that the scammers gave to the victim was (949) 305-3247, which the victim looked up and saw that it was flagged as scammer’s phone #.

If you receive phone calls from numbers you do not know, please be wary. Most unsolicited calls are scammers so please choose carefully if you want to pick up a call from an unknown caller and be even more careful when listening to them.