Beginning in spring semester 2020, all Kanopy film titles required a faculty request for access and approval by the VCU Libraries. Once approved, the film will be available for viewing to everyone in the VCU community.

Kanopy film titles and categories remain searchable. A request form appears with each film title. Film requests must be made by VCU faculty and tied to course instruction.

Films must be requested two weeks prior to the time of instruction in order for VCU Libraries and Kanopy to process the request. Requests placed on weekends will be processed the following week.

Some Kanopy films are already licensed for a one-year period because of frequent use, and these films will continue to be available without request during the licensing period. Non-course related requests for Kanopy titles will not be approved.

In addition to Kanopy, VCU Libraries also maintains an extensive and diverse DVD collection of films and documentaries across academic disciplines for instruction, and new purchases are added each year. Librarians in the Collection Analysis and Investment Department of VCU Libraries will be happy to assist with requests for DVD acquisitions. In addition, the VCU Libraries’ online streaming resource Films on Demand Master Academic Collection contains thousands of documentaries and video series for instruction, which can be accessed immediately by users.

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