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Inspec Analytics (IA) enables researchers and professionals to uncover trends and patterns across a wide range of physics, computing and engineering disciplines, locally and globally. Its addition to the Engineering Village platform takes advantage of Inspec’s precise and accurate indexing.

IA uses semantic technology to connect each element of the literature, creating a dynamic new solution for revealing the volume and impact of research. This helps researchers set the direction for multidisciplinary collaboration, as well as providing insights for those working in focused areas.

IA benefits the entire institution. With this tool, VCU can monitor its research output and its global rankings. It can benchmark against collaborators and competitors. IA can help identify emerging trends and provide direction on where to focus resources. And, IA can find and monitor collaboration opportunities, including demonstrating impact.

In addition, IA can support strategic decision making and help to answer questions such as:

  • How has VCU’s research output changed over time?
  • What is VCU’s global ranking for particular topics?
  • What new areas of research could VCU’s researchers explore?
  • What are the most prolific organizations for a particular field?
  • Who could VCU researchers collaborate with on specific topics?

Researchers can improve outcomes by using IA to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, discover new topics related to relevant fields, and identify the best journals for publishing.  

Equipped with this tool, researchers can also find answers to questions pertinent to their research, such as:

  • What are the growing areas in my field?
  • Which subjects should I include in my literature search?
  • Where can I find collaborators in my field?
  • Which are the most relevant journals to publish my work?
  • How could my research contribute to the output of my institution?
  • This tool also introduces early-career researchers to research resources.

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By Ibironke Lawal, engineering and science collections librarian

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